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Plastic Bags No More! We have to start using Kraft Bags

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Diana Garcia

Sep 22, 2020


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The statewide law in many parts of the world has been passed that states the retailers and the businesses will be prohibited from using plastic bags to sell their items. The shoppers used to buy their necessities in a single-use plastic bag before, but now most retailers are planning to sell their items in kraft bags.  New York has passed a law to ban the use of plastic bags statewide. This move has been taken to achieve the goal of reducing the discarded bags that are discarded annually into rivers and oceans. The law has forbidden businesses from handing out their items in thin plastic bags and replaces them with kraft bags. The plastic bags were commonly used in supermarkets, boutiques, and other stores. New York is the third state after the California state that uses the most plastic bags. California has already banned plastic bags, and it has made millions of people safe in the state of California. Here are some of the reasons why kraft bags can help make the environment safe.

Kraft bags are biodegradable

Plastic has a bad reputation as it is inadequate and doesn’t dissolve easily. It remains buried in landfills, which can be harmful to the environment. 
According to the latest report published by the New York Times, plastic is not biodegradable, and it can be hard to dispose of as it takes 500 hundred years to destroy. The waste of the kraft bags doesn’t linger on the surface of the earth for many years. If you use recycled packaging boxes, it will help to preserve the environment and the humans living on it. The earth will be safe, and the numerous species of animals living on the planet will be safe. The seas and lakes will not be filled with trash. The most significant advantage is that the soil will not lose its fertility. It is essential to use kraft bags because it can help make our environment safe. Kraft degrades in a few weeks, and after the degradation is done, the waste becomes fertile and helpful in vegetation.  

Paper saves energy

There are various benefits of kraft bags, but the reason that it is environmentally friendly makes it an energy-saving material. The material is manufactured by cutting trees, and as we all know, the trees are available locally. With this, the cost of imports is saved, and a safer material for packaging is produced.

Paper bags are reusable

Pollution is growing, and the experts are concerned because it leaves an adverse impact on the environment. Saving the atmosphere and environment has become crucial, and that Is why numerous kraft bag manufacturers are promoting kraft packaging for help. This will, indeed, help to leave a positive impact on nature.
Once the brown kraft boxes are used once, they can also be reused for other purposes. That is the reason why many business owners and customers prefer to use kraft bags so that they can help the environment.

Helpful in saving natural resources
There is a wide range of essential environmental conveniences that kraft paper boxes offer. They are made and extracted and recycled from brown kraft paper. This helps to reduce crucial greenhouse emissions. 

Helps in protecting marine animals
The use of plastic bags can endanger marine animals. The reason behind it is that plastic clogs the lakes and rivers and releases harmful toxic chemicals that are harmful and fatal for the marine animals. When animals consume any piece of plastic, it blocks their throat, and the food they consume later on is not able to enter the stomach.

Helps in cutting down toxic waste
Toxic waste is a significant concern of the majority of the nations, including the United States. Toxic waste is discharged in the lakes and oceans due to the use of plastic bags. So, the businesses are making efforts to make the environment safe and promote the usage of natural kraft boxes.

They are Affordable
The kraft bags are not expensive and are available in the market at a very low price. The reason behind their affordable price is that they are made using local materials, and because of that, the value of export is saved. However, if you buy kraft boxes wholesale, then you will be able to save large bucks.

Helps in promoting brand
Nowadays, kraft bags are designed in various styles and can be used to promote a brand. Different brands are using stylish kraft bags to promote their brand and products. The brands are using custom kraft boxes and get the boxes printed attractively so that the customers buy their products instead of other brands.