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How To Hard Reset Kindle Fire?

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Dec 21, 2020


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Many kindle buyers confronts fault with kindle that leads to complex errors like kindle frozen, kindle not turning on etc.

The presence of certain issues can make the device to perform in poor manner. If you want to fix kindle issues you need to finish hard reset kindle fire process.

Yet, if you face errors with kindle fire frequently then the recommendation is to hard reset kindle fire.

The hard reset kindle fire procedure will reset kindle fire to its original settings and remove everything from device.

You must ensure that kindle fire is holding battery around thirty percent prior trying the important steps for hard resetting kindle fire.

For third to seventh kindle variants.
1. Visit settings.
2. Choose device options.
3. Select reset to factory defaults.

Alternative 2
1. Start kindle fire, tap and keep volume down and power key on hold.
2. The amazon recovery display panel will get showcase. Make use of the volume key for choosing the option of wiping data/factory reset.
3. Tap power key for selecting the selection.
4. Make use of volume key for selecting yes-delete all user data.
5. Hit power.

For first and second kindle variants.
1. Visit settings tab.
2. Choose more.
3. Select device.
4. Tap reset to factory defaults.
5. Click erase everything.

By following the above mention steps you can easily complete hard reset kindle fire procedure and make your eReader error free.