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Download Kindle App For Windows 10

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Jan 4, 2021


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On having a Windows 10 PC or device and you admire reading eBooks but you don’t have the ebook reader such as Kindle. 

Well a happy news: Amazon launch a desktop kindle app which gives complete access to over a million books from kindle store.

Steps to follow:

1. Visit Amazon official website to download kindle app for Windows 10.

2. Login into Amazon Account.

3. Now choose the PC Variant for starting the download procedure.

4. Wait until the download not gets complete.

5. Open the download file and follow the on-screen steps for completing the installation.

6. After installation, you can discover app from Apps list. Move down until you locate amazon folder and double tap it.

Note: After opening it you will find kindle app.

7. On opening app, you have to register kindle by using Amazon Account.

8. Input email address and password.

9. Login into account and the process to download kindle app for windows 10 is done.

In case you don’t got an amazon account then move onto create amazon account button. Input the email address and other necessary information. By following the above mention steps you can easily complete the enitre procedure require to download kindle app for Windows 10 easily.