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kobo connectivity issues

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Jan 13, 2021


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Kobo allows reading any kind of ebook in a completely new way of getting the best reading experience. To start error-free reading sessions this is important to connect kobo with the correct internet connection. The requirement is to set up the kobo device correctly for countering rigid issues. Kobo is equipped with attractive highlights which makes it an impressive device. The kobo wifi setup must get complete for reading ebooks without facing any issues. The common issue occurring known as kobo connectivity issues which leads to forgetting the wifi password.

In many situations turning off Wi-Fi and turning it On will assist in fixing kobo connectivity errors.

How do I Fix Kobo Connectivity issues?

 Password Errors

You may require a password to connect with Wi-Fi networks. You will get to see a lock symbol adjacent to the name of any password-protected network when the list of networks gets a showcase. These passwords are known as keys. The network administrator will give this to you.

Errors amid locating network.

On experiencing kobo connectivity issues at the time you are not able to locate correct wifi network. Here comes few things you can go for:

  • Ensuring device is within network range.

  • Confirming Network is accessible.

  • Verify router supports and set to 2.4 GHz. Kobo will only associate to Wifi network which is set at value of 2.4 GHz.

  • Try adding a network to a device if a network is hidden.

Assure device is in Range

Each Wireless Network has a set range. This range is the section in which you can associate to network. The common range of home network is among one hundred and three hundred ft. When getting outside of network’s range, your eReader is at distance for conne