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Ordered Books Not Showing On Kindle

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Feb 18, 2021


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Ever since Kindle has come into the market, there has been a decrease in hardback readers because of Kindle's accessibility and comfort. But just like any technology, it also undergoes glitches and errors. One of the most prominent Errors in Kindle that users face and which frustrates them to no extent is the problem of ordered books not showing on Kindle. At times books ordered on Amazon aren't visible on your kindle for whatsoever reasons. Well, here is a solution if you are also facing a similar problem:
•    First and foremost, try to do the Indian thing turning your connection on/off. There might be some reason that your internet connection isn't working. (I understand that you aren't stupid.)
•    Secondly, check if you are logged in from the same account that you have ordered from. In cases of multiple accounts, it's possible that the account from which you are logged in isn't similar to the one that you used while ordering your books. To confirm, such is the case, and you can sign in on the website and check "your devices" and "your orders." You can ask for a refund or contact Amazon Helpline, asking them to send it to your other account.
•    Thirdly, check whether your books are on the cloud. The difference between Amazon Cloud and your device is that the cloud has all your purchases while; your device has only those you have downloaded already. Therefore find 'Cloud' in the upper corner of your device as Cloud/device. Download the latest purchased ebooks onto your device to sync them with your device.
Did it work? Contact Amazon Customer Care in case these suggestions weren’t helpful.