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Essay structure, writing style

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Daimond Star

Mar 22, 2021


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Despite the fact that it is a free genre, it has several requirements and a certain structure. Writers who know everything about how to write stories are advised to listen to the following theses, regardless of the topic chosen.

The form of presenting thoughts is laconic theses, followed by arguments.
The word "arguments" sounds serious, but it means the usual elements of the story - examples from life, personal experience, opinions of scientists, historical or scientific facts. The optimal number of such proofs is two. One is not enough to convince, but three can be “squeezed”.

Find out what is a synthesis essay

Much can be said about the author of the essay. For example, to determine the level of development of his creative thinking, the ability to express thoughts in writing, to create a general idea of ??the personality.

There are several criteria by which it is customary to evaluate works written in this genre.

Knowledge of theory, genre features.
Ability to work with information - what are the arguments, whether the facts are reliable, and the data is relevant.