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How to take care of a TPE doll

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Kathy Griffith

Mar 22, 2021


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There is a growing demand for TPE sex dolls, but new buyers are always inquisitive about how to handle this prized possession. Though there are many doll forums that can guide you with maintenance tips, this blog throws light from the viewpoint of the research and development department of the doll company.


Indeed, there is a lot of research the goes into making these hyper-realistic sex dolls who look nothing less than a real woman, with the perfect figure as well as the flawless skin of a gorgeous sweetheart. Even the minute details like the fold of the vaginal skin and the clitoris hair is replicated in the doll. However, the advanced TPE polymer with the platinum currying needs some maintenance.  


No high or extreme low temperature


Yes, the TPE skin inarguably is unable to withstand high temperature, so forget enjoying a hot water bath with the doll. However, it is advisable, that the water should be only lukewarm, the temperature should not be above 25-30 degree centigrade. Ultraviolet rays are also harmful for TPE material so you cannot leave the doll in the open for a long period of time. You can neither store the doll in a warm area like in a cell which is close to your chimney. The thermoplastic elastomer cannot be kept at low temperature either. 


Extra care with dye


TPE material is highly porous. Cheap cloth dyes can stain the skin of the doll.  You need to wash the garments to ensure that there is no discoloration, before putting on the doll. The doll should not be wrapped in newspapers too as the ink can transfer to the doll as well.


No sharp objects nearby


Sharp objects like buttons and zip can cut the delicate skin of the love doll. It is better to remove these from the garment before trying on the doll. 

The internal organs of the doll should also be thoroughly washed using warm soapy water and dried to prevent any organic residue which can lead to infection. 


Apart from these little care, you should treat the TPE sex doll as you would do with your real partner.

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