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Ringtones for Oppo A92

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Xenia Veronica

Mar 31, 2021


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OPPO A92 is OPPO's mid-range phone, impressive with a unique 4-camera cluster, borderless design and strong performance, especially suitable for users who love to play games and take pictures on smartphones. The ringtone system on the phone is updated with the best list for users. Perfect with over 2000 sounds, songs available for free on the music market and website sonneriefrance.

High-end design, integrated fingerprint sensor with the most unique power button in the world today. This configuration helps the phone play games smoothly. The machine can play PUBG stably with high graphics settings with a stable frame rate, with very little lag. The battery capacity on OPPO A92 is really impressive with 5,000 mAh, helping to experience gaming and using the machine continuously all day without worrying about running out of battery. In addition, the device also supports 18W fast charging, via USB Type C port, which helps the machine charge quickly in a short time while ensuring safety, ensuring battery life.