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Notification that voting has begun?

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Mike Plusch

Nov 7, 2011


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Was there an email sent to registered users to let them know that voting has begun? If so, i didn't receive it. If not, wouldn't that be a good idea? How else would people know to vote?

Rob Laubacher

Nov 9, 2011


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Hi Mike, We sent an email on November 9 notifying members that voting had begun. We waited until then because did not start until the afternoon of Friday, November 4. Recent research has indicated that emails sent on Friday or over the weekend often do not get opened by recipients. And Mondays are problematic as well, because people are often catching up from a backlog of messages. Based on these factors, the researchers determined that Tuesday was the best day to send newsletter messages, and so we now try to send our email announcements out on that day. We felt that in this instance, when there was still a full week left, that our members would have enough time to vote. Best, Rob Laubacher