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Sara Vitali

Sara Vitali


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Hi, My name is Sara Vitali from Italy. I graduated in Tourism, territory and local development, I’m a member of SKAL international, I’m a strong believer of sustainable tourism. It is my goal to work in sustainable tourism for interesting areas such UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. I love to travel to new places and meet new people. I learn from sharing experiences with people I meet to improve my understanding of this world. I’m interested in social-networks and internet communications. I love yoga and running. I don’t like to speak in front of many people.Sustainable Tourism World is my first project and the one I would like tell you about. Right know it is still a blog but it is going to be a proper website before the end of the 2012. My dream is to create a big platform where the worldwide community can share their own work experiences, ideas and projects about sustainability in general to be implemented into the tourism sector. In particular: - hospitality: construction materials, renewable energy policy and certification and requirements to obtain eco-label - destination management: protected areas/ landscapes projects, market research about sustainable tourism and what is on offer (destinations already sustainable as example of best practices, destinations working to improve their development right now). - community involvement: eco-museum, local culture traditions, environmental and social importance.


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