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James Eliscar

James Eliscar


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I am a lecturer at OLLI Center at the University of Massachusetts Boston. I worked as Analyst for Cambridge Health Alliance – Elder Service Plan and Strategic Consultant for Organisation pour la Protection de l’Environnement et la Transformation de Detritus, a Haiti-based nonprofit. I serve in the capacity of Director of Strategic Planning and Grant Research for the Organization of Support to the Development of Plateau Central – a Boston-based nonprofit. I hold a Master of Science in Public Affairs from University of Massachusetts Boston. I have a rich and diverse international experience. I have been working in Haiti on local economic development, environmental sustainability, disaster risk reduction, and food security and sustainable livelihoods projects and initiatives since 2009. My research interests are environmental and social equity, climate change and adaptation, food security and food systems, governance, water resources management, strategic planning, stakeholder's engagement and dialogue processes, and participatory development and planning strategies. Since 2010 quake in Haiti, I have been involved in numerous policy, advocacy, and resilience research collaborative.


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