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Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson


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Did you know that there a way to reverse oceanic global warming and ice cap degradation using current technology? An alternative method of fracking that does not cause public health and environmental concerns due to the no use of chemicals? A more economical method and process for drilling geothermal wells to increase economic viability for municpalities and small utility entities? The requirement for a better monitoring and scientific analysis processes for understanding permafrost degradation?

Without asking fundamental scientific questions as to the inquiry of fundamental aspects of nature and anthropogenic contributions contributing to the alteration of natural processes itself, the answers and change many wish for shall remain elusive.

Those are the areas to which my efforts have been directed

I am developing a viable alternative to fracking without the use of chemicals which is the primary cause of public health concerns. Also working on better drilling processes for Enhanced Geothermal Systems EGS.

The question that begs an answer is why do we require fossil fuels when there are answers to scientific questions yet to be propounded that can derive the best possible future in alternative energy?

The main issue for myself in US is patenting the technology without having ownership and the benefits thereof snatched away by predatory government and private entities that use submarine patents to steal new innovation in the US. Very wary of government and its corporate marraige that has effectively stifled new innovation and solutions to problems.

The primary reason innovators and innovations are moving offshore is in search of the ideal environment for innovation which where the proper environment and open collaboration philosophy and practice is effected along with preservation and protection of intellectual property and patent rights are sustained for the innovators.

Who or What Am I?

I am complicated.

A scientist that ponders the context of questions which if properly propounded, provides the clue to the answer of whatever aspect of nature I am studying. Albert Einstein is often quoted (perhaps apocryphally) as saying, "If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would spend 19 days to define it."

I am Different. An Out of the Box thinker.

Innovation is born from the womb of basic scientific inquiry and yet the solutions often sought after today are lost in the effort to improve on an existing technology or process. Such may be world class engineering, but it is not science.

Myself, I go for walks to think. Nature has its own form of teaching and clueing a scientist-innovator.

Nature inspires, and as we are its protectors we need to preserve its well-being.

Here that isn't a permissible reality, where one is confined to a prairie dog farm cubicle and shepherded into team sessions where management [ whom asserts it owns the thoughts of those present ] is the driver, not the innovators.

Nor is there a flow. Just expectations for a result.
Ideas and solutions don't have a clock, a schedule based on some timetable.

What do I see? Unhappy faces in the room, disinterested people.

Government, industry; they are all the same wolf in different colors.

Animated yet lifeless; symmetrical yet stiff, as in rigormortis.

Innovators certainly aren't nine to four people, as freethinking creative people live by a different clock.
Firms see innovation and creativity in people, however, the more they want to control it to their schedule or planning; that stifles the innovation they desire.
When firms think they "own" an innovator or their ideas, then its time for the innovator to change their creative environment.

That I believe is why innovation here in the US is not what it used to be.

I am seeking collaboration on a number of matters with persons [ human ones as opposed to corporations ] of conscious mind, those whom can dream of what can be and envisioneer how to make that dream take real form, whom grasp individuality and uniqueness with a drive to answer those fundamental questions to mitigate climate change and global warming and a dedication to making the right change over the cookie cutter convenient ones, as well as a focus on human rights.

As a result of surviving confirmed and evidenced physical torture . US entities or projects will be considered.under very specific circumstances.
Most recent publication anisotropy of Iceland crust. Flying helicopters. People are interesting. very interesting
The art of listening, fly fishing, photography.
Conversation with friends and colleagues innovation strategies-national, regional,
Anything geology and mineralogy. sedimentology, geothermal, volcanology.

Photography of all kinds, taking images of crystal specimens observed while logging cores.



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