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Pierre Dupras

Pierre Dupras


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Pierre is an executive level professional with a richly diverse background that has successfully initiated and helped implement enterprise-wide Geographic Information Systems (GIS). As an independent thinker, he has read about and reflected upon humanity's infrastructure and data flows; social, civil, transportation, power, communications, information, data, metrics, labour, organizational behaviour, businesses, taxation, monetary policy, security, sport and happiness. A consummate professional that is as concerned with addressing how technology impacts the lives of users as he is with resolving complex technical issues, Pierre endeavors to find win-win scenarios in all human endeavours. 

Pierre's abilities as a communicator allow him to convey complex technical paradigms to those who are less technically inclined. His bilingualism (English/French) makes him a valuable member of any team doing business in Canada. However, his international business experience includes travel to Europe, South America & Southeast Asia.

He has a MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, and a Bachelor of Computer Science from Concordia University. Pierre has also worked towards a Master's of Computer Science degree; his thesis subject is a "Framework for an Environmental Information Supply Chain."

Pierre enjoys working in dynamic environments where transparency, "the facts are the facts; there is nothing to hide", is an essential element of the culture.


Tying the Economy to the EnvironmentJan 24, 2014

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Pierre Dupras created a Proposal Tying the Economy to the EnvironmentJan 24, 2014
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