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Nicholas Gencarelle

Nicholas Gencarelle


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Owner of Smarter Building Systems with over 25 years of construction experience on almost every type of project done.

I presently offer Basalt volcanic rock fibers which are reinforcements for concrete and as composite fibers. Also we have an air-entraining cellular and geo-polymer machine which makes lightweight yet strong insulating concrete with many times less CO2 emissions than standard Portland cement (the worlds largest creator of carbon emissions in the construction industry). Houses can be constructed in a couple days that are strong, secure, water and fire and bug retardant while being many times more affordable. Adding our basalt rebars, mesh and chopped fibers to this solution is a perfect complement. Basalt fibers are inert, green, recyclable, non-respirable, UV immune, incredibly strong, 70 percent lighter than steel but twice easily as strong and will never rust and corrode and not harbor bacteria while being non-conductive. Perfect for seismic problems as the elastic modulus is so great that these rebars want to be straight not stay bent like steel rebars.


Cellular concrete and Geo-polymersFeb 9, 2014

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