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Kaitlin Broderick

Kaitlin Broderick


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Born and raised in Washington, DC, I recieved my undergraduate degree from Georgtown University, studying envrionment and energy in the international arena. As a Fulbright Research Scholar, I worked in Abu Dhabi to understand the challenges and opportunities for sustainable development, and focused on constructing a knowledge campaign to promote demand side management in the Emirates. To further my policy understanding of sustianbility issues, I am currenltly pursing an MPA in Columbia University's Envrionmental Science and Policy prgram. I have enriched my understanding of multisector climate and energy challenges through work with the private sector, as an anlayst for Richard Branson's B Team. It is my hope to help embed sustainability into the DNA of  internationial corporations and public organizations, and leverage the minds and influence of world citizens to create lasting change.


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Kaitlin Broderick joined the Climate CoLab communityFeb 20, 2014