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Kim Oakley

Kim Oakley


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I am currently working full time in the Meteorology department at the University of Reading. My main job includes PA support for 3 Professors, administrative support for nearly 50 research scientists & students, front desk administrator/receptionist for Meteorology (Harry Pitt), administrator for the Space Internship Network (SpIN) and more recently I have been written into a funded position through the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to work as part of the UK secretariat on an international environmental science collaboration research action (CRA). I am also being funded by the University to complete an Informatics Research Masters (MRes) in my spare time. For my MRes I am focusing on citizen science and crowd-sourcing investigating their potential for use in Int'l CRA's of the future. I am a member of the University's senior common room committee for 2014 as well as assisting with open days, events and attending all relevant in house training and development courses available. Unrelated to my work at the University I have recently been invited to join Mensa, I enjoy travelling; cultural/traditional/historical fairs, markets and festivals; and staying connected with friends and family around the world via social media.


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Crowdsourced Technology PrizesFeb 25, 2014
Africa: a generic platform for adaptation and disaster risk managementFeb 25, 2014


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