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Sarah Birch

Sarah Birch


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I am one of the Managers in the ICLEI - Local Government for Sustainability - Africa Regional Office. My focus is on climate change adaptation, energy and disaster risk reduction.  I have over ten years of progressive experience in the Global South, I bring expertise to provide solutions across a range of urban and rural sustainability challenges. I am increasingly and alarmingly concerned about the state of our planet, which is why I get such satisfaction and energy from the work I engage in at the local government and city level. Here we can make a difference, rapidly, and with great additional co-benefits to society and the economy at large...given many country's national economies rely on that produced in a few key cities. I am really excited to see what ideas come out of the ClimateColab process this year! Good luck!


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Sarah Birch joined the Climate CoLab communityMar 13, 2014