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Saravanan Dhalavoi Pandian

Saravanan Dhalavoi Pandian


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Chemical Engineer with Masters in Energy Engineering having nearly 11 years of experience in sustainability consulting in various areas like energy management, carbon strategy, offset markets market and its impact implications on country’s economy. I'm presently working with EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Service in Dubai focusing on delivering sustainability ideas to Middle East companies and governments through national green growth strategy development and implementation. 

Throughout my professional career I always worked hard to promote sustainability in the developing countries like in Indian subcontinent, Philippines and Middle East Region both in my national as well as international jobs. It has always been a strong motivation for me to promote sustainable development through promoting energy management and carbon trading to realize savings / reduce cost for the governments and industries in the developing world.


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Saravanan Dhalavoi Pandian joined the Climate CoLab communityApr 19, 2014