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Ana Raquel Riedel Von Teschenhausen

Ana Raquel Riedel Von Teschenhausen


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I´m researching on collective problem solving (also crowdsourcing and citizen science) for my MA thesis on a "citizen science" project for forest monitoring in Brazil (Forest Watchers). The research has being doing in collaboration with the Citizen Cyberscience Centre (UNOSAT, CERN, UNIGE in Geneva).

During my research I´ve had the opportunity of talking with people and organizations involved with crowdsourcing for emergency response, including Patrick Meier, UN agencies (UNOCHA, UNEP, UNITAR), Internews, ICT4Peace, Nethope and Human Rights Watchers.

I now see clearly which are the main issues and where we should be paying attention to. I would like to take a part on a project focusing on providing solutions for the most critical of these issues: validity/reliability and security.


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