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Thomas Heberlein

Thomas Heberlein


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Author of: Navigating Environmental Attitudes

Thomas A. Heberlein earned his a Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1971. After a year at the University of Colorado he joined the Department of Rural Sociology at Madison. He served as Department Chair (1991-1995), Director of the Center for Resource Policy Studies and Programs (1985-1991) and in the Gaylord Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies. He was visiting professor in the Department of Tourism Studies at Mid-Sweden University and a guest researcher at The European Tourism Research Institute where he studied visitors to the Swedish mountains. He has just finished a 10-year assignment in the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences where he conducted research on attitudes toward wolves and co-taught the course in Europe on Human Dimensions of Fish and Wildlife. His research has been given recognized with awards by the Rural Sociological Society and the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.

Heberlein was a pioneer in environmental social psychology and has recently summarized his work in Navigating Environmental Attitudes (Oxford University Press, 2012), an introduction to attitudes, a research memoir, and a statement about the field. His research has appeared in journals in sociology, psychology, economics, wildlife, and conservation biology. His paper “Improving Interdisciplinary Research: Integrating the Social and the Natural Sciences.” was the lead article in the first issue of Society and Natural Resources. He has examined the role of attitudes and norms in pro-environmental behavior, valuation of non-market goods, crowding and carrying capacity in recreation settings, and human dimensions of wildlife. He has regularly presented research at the ISSRM, and co-chaired the 2005 meeting in Östersund, Sweden. He currently divides his time between Stockholm, Sweden and Wisconsin, USA.


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