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Antoaneta Yotova

Antoaneta Yotova


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University Education: 1974-1979 - Bulgaria, Sofia University “St. Kl. Ochridski”, Faculty of Physics: MSc. diploma in Physics, specialty in Meteorology (MSc. thesis on General Climatology)

Employment: July 1, 1979 to July 6, 2012: Research Associate at National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; March 18, 2013 to present: Expert at Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies

Key qualifications and experience:

- caring out research in the fields of General and Applied Climatology (i.e., climatic data processing and analysis, investigations on climate variability and change, Greenhouse Gas emission estimation and reduction options, interaction between climate and energy systems with regard to policy development) as well as environmental studies (i.e., natural resources assessment, environmental impact assessment, risk analysis, etc.);

- acting as expert, for example:

  • contribution to the 1st Bulgarian National Communication to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (1996), to the Expert Review of the Draft of the IPCC WGII Fourth Assessment Report and of the IPCC Draft Synthesis Report, to the GEF/UNDP projects “Bulgarian National Capacity Self-Assessment for Global Environmental Change” (February 2003 – October 2004) and ”Integrating Rio Conventions Into the National and Regional Development Policies in Bulgaria” (December 2006 - September 2010);

  • Chief Scientific Investigator for Bulgarian Case Study within the Inter-Agency Joint Project “Data Bases and MEthodologies for Comparative Assessment of Different Electricity Generation Options” (April 1994 to June 1998); one of the Honorary Theme Editors for the UNESCO Project “Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems” responsible for Theme  “Natural Resources System Challenge II: Climate Change, Human Systems and Policy” (August 1998 to March 2003);

  • member of the Bulgarian team for projects within the EC’ Framework Programmes for RTD as well as for national projects.


CargoFish: A Physical Internet Utility to... "Move Only What Matters!"Jun 1, 2014

Proposal Links

USES+ The Universal Sustainability Education System as transformation platformJul 31, 2014
SHARED: Strategic Habitat Assessment for Resource, Environment DesignAug 31, 2015
Last Mile Distribution Utility SystemSep 10, 2017


CargoFish: A Physical Internet Utility to... "Move Only What Matters!"Jul 8, 2014


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Antoaneta Yotova updated a proposal CargoFish: A Physical Internet Utility to... "Move Only What Matters!"Jul 11, 2014
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