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Anil Pai

Anil Pai


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I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and a Postgraduate Degree in Climate Change and Sustainable Development. My research areas are Climate Change Adaptation and Vulnerability Assessment, Sustainable Water Use and Water Management, Sustainable Livelihoods and Resources Use, Climate Change & Disaster Risk awareness education in the coastal regions.  


Collabotarive Local Actions for Climatechange Education - CLACEJul 20, 2014

Proposal Links

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Holistic green development paradigm for sustenance of planetJan 4, 2018


COFA: Climate Optimized Fenestrations for Buildings in Developing Nations.Jul 21, 2014
Potential of Energy Saving at the City Level through Energy Efficient BuildingsJul 21, 2014


Anil Pai updated a proposal Collabotarive Local Actions for Climatechange Education - CLACEJul 14, 2015