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John Abdon

John Abdon


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•Married Barbara Jean Plath and together roamed the world over with their nine children •Apprentice Steinway Piano Technician, Beesley Music Company, Salt Lake City, Utah •TDY NCOIC, Riding Club and Stables, USATC, Ft. Ord, California •NCOIC, Art and Crafts Center, USATC, Ft. Ord, California •Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, University of Utah, Class of 1979 •Drilling Engineer, Marathon Oil Company, Cody, Wyoming •Drilling Engineer, Saudi Arabian-American Oil Company (Saudi Aramco), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia •Information Architect, Chevron Oil Company, Houston, Texas •Zero-Inventory Optimization Consultant, Exide Electronics, Raleigh, North Carolina •Non-Boeing Part Acquisition System Analyst, Boeing, Seattle, Washington •Sr. Information Architect, CTI Cancer Research Corp, Seattle, Washington •Microsoft Visual Basic Consultant, Microsoft, Redmond, Washington •Microsoft Visual Studio Consultant, Saltmine Creative, Seattle, Washington •Sr. Systems Analyst, Online Banking Software Development, Washington Mutual, Seattle, Washington


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John Abdon joined the Climate CoLab communityAug 1, 2014