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Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen


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I am a retired psychologist (Ph.D.), and have been interested in climate change since the Time Magazine Cover Story in April 2006, "Be Worried, Be Very Worried". I have attended meetings of various groups, like Citizens' Climate Lobby, Clean Energy Action, and Clean energy Progress.  I live in Boulder, Colorado, the land of climate scientists.  

I have an interest in the psychology of climate change, and would be happy to participate in some modest way with research studies.   I am very careful at collecting and analyzing data, and I like to brainstorm ideas.


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Carbon Fee and DividendApr 30, 2015


Chris Hansen is supporting proposal Carbon Fee and DividendApr 30, 2015
Chris Hansen updated a proposal The Little Engine That Could: Revenue Neutral Carbon Fee and DividendSep 10, 2014
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