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Anne Nolin

Anne Nolin


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Dr. Anne Nolin is a Professor in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University where she heads the Mountain Hydroclimatology Research Group. Dr. Nolin received her Ph.D. degree in Geography from the University of California-Santa Barbara in 1993. From 1993-2002, she worked as a research scientist at the University of Colorado, spending several field seasons on the Greenland ice sheet. She joined the faculty at Oregon State University in 2003.  Dr. Nolin's research focuses on snow and ice in the climate system, and how they melt and become water for people and for ecosystems. She has published on “at risk” snow in the Pacific Northwest, glacier melt contributions to rivers from Oregon to the Andes, and new ways of mapping snow and glaciers from space. She is a member of the NASA Science Team for the MISR instrument and has won two NASA group achievement awards. She has served as an Associate Editor for Water Resources Research, The Cryosphere, and the Journal of Hydrometeorology. In 2009-2010 Dr. Nolin received an Erskine Fellowship at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand and held the Landolt Chair in Sustainable Futures at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Dr. Nolin teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in snow hydrology, climatology, physical geography, satellite remote sensing and digital image processing.


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