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Gary Langham

Gary Langham


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Gary Langham directs Audubon’s wide-reaching scientific initiatives and studies, including innovative climate modeling, extensive avian research and high-priority bird conservation. His work connects Audubon’s extensive network of supporters by creating free digital citizen science avenues, authoring local and state-specific reports and producing cutting edge climate science to be leveraged by Audubon’s policy advocates. Langham’s background in local conservation drives his commitment to grassroots-level conservation science. His team used Audubon data to create the first comprehensive analysis of the effects of future climate change on 588 North American bird species. Before joining the National Audubon Society, Langham served as the lead scientist for Audubon California for almost five years. In that role he supervised many state programs, including Important Bird Areas, Migratory Bird Conservation Program, Seabird Conservation, Landowner Stewardship Program, Kern River Preserve, Starr Ranch Sanctuary and Audubon Bobcat Ranch. Previously he taught Ornithology at the UC Berkeley, completed postdoctoral research through an NSF grant at Berkeley, and founded the Neotropical Grassland Conservancy. He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University.


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Gary Langham joined the Climate CoLab communityApr 20, 2015