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Qamar Chaudhry

Qamar Chaudhry


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Brief Profile: Dr. Qamar uz Zaman Chaudhry

Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management Expert

Dr. Chaudhry is a climate scientist by profession and since 2003 associated with the UN-World Meteorological Organization, first as a Member of Executive Council and then Vice President from the Asia Region. He also served as Secretary, UN-ESCAP/WMO Intergovernmental Panel on Tropical Cyclones 2003-2012. He has been involved in some of the most important international scientific reports and initiatives, including most recently as an expert reviewer of IPCC’s SREX and AR5 reports, the World Bank’s ‘turn down the heat’ report. Recently UN-WMO Secretary General has appointed him his  Special Advisor on DRR and Climate Services for Asia. He has contributed to more than 60 research papers in national and international journals, and presented at major international conferences and forums.

 He is the  lead author of Pakistan’s first National Climate Change Policy, approved in 2012, as well as the Framework for Implementation of Climate Change Policy (2014-2030). From 1996-2010 he was Director General of Pakistan’s Meteorological Department, and also served  Government of Pakistan from 2010-2012 as Advisor on Climate Affairs.  He is also a member of Pakistan’s National Steering Committee on REDD since 2012 and Governing Board member of Global Change Impact Study Centre (a premier Pakistan’s climate change research Institution) and an  Expert member of National Implementation Committee for Climate Change policy.

He is also the recipient of  Pakistan’s National Civil Awards of Sitara-e-Imtiaz (2011) and Pride of Performance (1999) and also received the SAARC Best Young Climate Scientist Research Award (1993).

Dr. Chaudhry is currently associated with  Asian Development Bank  as  an International Climate Change and DRM Specialist. Earlier he remained UNDP Climate Change Policy Expert March-2014-Feb 2015.



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Qamar Chaudhry voted for proposal An economically and legally viable mechanism for internalizing marine emissionsSep 9, 2015
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Qamar Chaudhry voted for proposal Generation of Biogas energy from animal waste for use in rural areasSep 9, 2015
Qamar Chaudhry voted for proposal United States Industrial Collaboration Agency (USICA)Sep 9, 2015
Qamar Chaudhry voted for proposal Seeding Science Knowledge by engaging local expertsSep 9, 2015
Qamar Chaudhry joined the Climate CoLab communityMay 25, 2015