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Nya Murray

Nya Murray


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I am a highly experienced Information & Communications Technology (ICT) architect, I have provided architecture consultancy for organisations in Europe, Australia, UK and Switzerland over the past 25 years.

My career in ICT architecture, design and development consultancy, began in 1985 as an econometric analyst for the Australian government.

I started Trac-Car in 2005 with a view to applying information technology to greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

With ten years international experience in enterprise solutions, I develop software and data specifications for business insight and information analytics from diverse data sources.
Enterprise architecture applies equally to the vision and concepts behind an organisation's aims and objectives, as well as the enabling technology, from mobile device to production lines.
The key is providing a common language to enable the design and development of the technology, the people, the processes, the corporate cultural issues, such as security and policy, and of course the working environment, sharing of information, collaboration on ideas.
Applying architecture methods to energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reduction is a logical extension of information and communications technology, and is the basis for measuring and collecting data to which a carbon price can be applied.


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