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Jiang Kejun

Jiang Kejun


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Dr Jiang Kejun is is director of Energy Research Institute (ERI), National Development and ReformCommission, China( notizia del January 2011). He began research on climate change relative to energy policy analysis in 1993, focusing on energy technology policy assessment, energy supply policy assessment, renewable energy development and energy conservation. From 1997, Dr Kejun participated in Working Group III of the International Panel on Climate Change Third Assessment Report and was a lead author for the the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (Working Group Three Chapter 3) and for GEO-4 Chapter 2. Dr Kejun Jiang's recent studies include energy and emission scenarios, assessment on energy and fuel tax, research on China's potential to achieve its energy targets and development of the Integrated Policy Assessment model. He received his Ph.D in Social Engineering from the Department of Tokyo Institute of Technology.


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