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Gene Fry

Gene Fry


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PhD from Cornell in 1989, in Resource Economics

Maine energy office 1988-89

Massachusetts utility commission 1990-2003

    1st major project was assigning $/ton for 8 air pollutants, esp. CO2 and CH4.  Used for decision about which power plants to build, also for cost-effectiveness of energy efficiency

    ~1/2 of job was to evaluate evaluations of savings by energy efficiency programs.

Northeast Utilities (MWECo and CL&P) 2009-11 - managed evaluations of energy efficiency programs

Wrote for "Global Environmental Change Report" 2004-5 and "Business and the Environment" 2006-12

     I've given my global warming presentation (in as many editions) to almost 40 audiences, over 1,000 people in all.  Distributed my CD "Global Warming - So What?" (scads of editions) to 20,000 people over 8 years.  By now, it includes about 5,000 articles and several books.  

     See  Quick Summary: The last 2 times (380 ppm 4 Mya & 450 ppm 14Mya) Earth had this much CO2 (400 ppm) in the air, Kansas was Las Vegas hot and Florida was mostly under water.  How fast is not known; much of it could take only decades, but the full effect takes centuries.  Current rate is 2°C per century.  A repeat of 400 ppm effects would cut world food supply in half.  The 6th Great Extinction has begun.  Our goose is cooked unless we remove vast amounts of carbon from the air - which we can do with Holistic Management grazing, organic farming, spreading volcanic dust across the Tropics, millions of silos with basaltic gravel, and farming the oceans.


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Revenue Neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend: Bending the Emissions CurveOct 20, 2017


Gene Fry is supporting proposal Revenue Neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend: Bending the Emissions CurveOct 20, 2017
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