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Madhura Karnik

Madhura Karnik


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Madhura Karnik is an environmental and sustainability professional both by passion and profession. She holds a Masters degree in Sustainability Management from Columbia University, New York, USA and has previously completed her bachelors and masters degree in Environmental Sciences from Fergusson College, Pune, India. 

She has worked on a variety of research and corporate projects in diverse streams (energy, water, waste management and employee engagement) in manufacturing, hospitality, government and consulting. Energy conservation and Climate Change is one of her favorite topics. Madhura has two research publications and was selected twice consecutively in a US-wide recognized fellowship program - Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps Fellowship to work with both private and public sector organizations.

Summary of her work as EDF Climate Corps Fellow :




India’s Future for Climate Change: Human Involvement and Individual LeadershipAug 30, 2015

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Establishment of a sound technical system to distribute emissions reductionsOct 13, 2015
Let's play the carbon out of the market!Nov 4, 2015


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