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Mariana Vedoveto

Mariana Vedoveto


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Mariana spent seven years working in the Brazilian Amazon developing strategies to enhance the financing and consolidation of protected areas. She has extensive experience conducting research on policies to reduce tropical deforestation and promote community-based conservation, sustainable economic activities and forest restoration efforts at a landscape scale. Mariana has a BS in Forest Engineering from the University of São Paulo and a Master’s in Environmental Management from Yale University, and now works for the Amazon Conservation Association as a Program Associate. At ACA, Mariana manages conservation and sustainable livelihoods projects and coordinates project implementation with partners in Peru and Bolivia. 


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Mariana Vedoveto voted for proposal Just Green It - Purchasing Electricity from Renewable Sources for SomervilleSep 1, 2015
Mariana Vedoveto joined the Climate CoLab communitySep 1, 2015