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Lin Li

Lin Li


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As Chief Conservation Director, Dr. Li’s duties focus on addressing human impacts on the biodiversity and to the health of the planet’s ecosystems in China, and through China to the world. Dr. Li has over 20 years of professional experience in sustainability, environmental policy analysis, stakeholder engagement, and partnership building.

Her work covers a broad spectrum of areas, including the development and advocate of the ecological footprint concept to be incorporated into China’s key decision making processes, addressing the role of financing and banking institutions in promoting sustainable development, combating climate change through energy conservation and increased intake of cleaner renewable energy, focusing on China’s overseas investment and addressing their impacts to the ecological systems, as well as developing strategic partnerships inside and outside of China. 

She was a chemical engineer for over 10 years in China and Japan, have worked at the UN Headquarters in NYC on environmental management accounting, and worked as an environmental policy analyst in an environmental consulting firm in the USA. She joined WWF US in 2004, prior moving to WWF China in 2006.

Her education background covers a B. Eng, in Chemical Engineering, M. Sc. In Environmental Management and Policy, and a PhD in Environmental Policy as well as a graduate certification in Business Administration.


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