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Megan Ramey

Megan Ramey


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Megan Ramey's mantra is "Gateway Drugs for the Bike Curious". With a unique interest in the intersection of tourism, well being and local economies, Megan founded in 2014 to inspire two wheeled tourism in North America's best biking cities. In 17 cities and many on the horizon, Bikabout (TripAdvisor for biking) publishes travel guides, is a booking site for bike friendly lodging and transportation, and produces cultural bike maps curated by locals.  

Since moving to Boston in 2008, Megan has seen​​, in real time​,​ the​ amazing​ change​s​ to our streets​ while serving ​as a board member for LivableStreets and members of both the Boston Bikes Advisory Group and the Cambridge Bike Committee. ​On the weekends she and her family can be found exploring the nooks & crannies of cities and New England's great outdoors and their family minivan is a Dutch Workcycle FR8 and Bakfiets.


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