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Gabriel Rodriguez

Gabriel Rodriguez


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I'm Gabriel, director of Gideon Innovations Ltd and I try to be as much of a Pro future/life warrior as possible, my first operation is a multi purpose cleaner designed to save money, reduce chemical usage and mostly reduce the plastic waste being generated through the usage of cleaning products on both the domestic and professional environments, my product is 100% effective and innovative, we have only lunched the concept recently but the growth is becoming regular and we expect to be a very known name in the near future, all this to say that I would like to receive some form is communication from this project, at present we can't afford to help but I expect to be able to real soon, and as we are a company interested in the future it is our aim to invest in this kind of technology with the intent of putting it in to practice in the real world environment, please do consider my request for contact.

please link in to, the site is in maintenance but it is safe to use.

Yours Truly

Gabriel Rodriguez





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