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Ernest Rando

Ernest Rando


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Building community relationships & growing food for the Local Food System in this time of Energy Decent Transition! I am a degrowther, Permaculture Designer, Holistic Grass & Soil Farmer (biodynamics, mob grazing, silvo pasture). I work towards a debt free society and gift economy. I wish to produce more resources than I consume and build with natural renewable materials. I am also a member of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives. I help farm owners and farmers transition into collective situations that depend less on Fossil Fuels.

I am slowly decoupling my life from non-current sunlight and carbon. This has required me to also decouple my life and aspects of my livelihood from the International Monetary System (US$) as well. My yearly income fluctuates between $6-9,000.00 US$. I own no large or medium assets and live/work cooperatively with those that already have them. I was able to give up my truck and car over the last 5 years and have no access to immediate public transportation. I have lived in the rural midwest over the last 6 years during this decarbonization and decolonialization process.

I am currently researching multi species grazing applications in Temperate grass land and forest environments. I believe Fox Hollow Farm's grazing methods allow us to sequester more carbon in the soil than we consume in transportation and processing of our livestock. However the analytical tools are not available to us to be able to measure the amount of Carbon that we sequester, at this time. We also desire to maintain our forest in a juvenile state through ecologically sustainable agro forestry methods so as to remove carbon from the atmosphere as the biomass of the forest is produced. However we lack the resources at this time to do so. Please contact me if you wish to help in this research and application of low carbon, low tech, passive, climate mitigation and adaptation solutions.


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