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Dan Tefft

Dan Tefft


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I've been concerned about the degradation of our environment all my life; Climate Change Solutions have been my professional focus the past 10+ years. My heart is in sustainability because I’m passionate about nature and I care about the future of our children and grandchildren.

I also love business and I believe the combination of sustainability and profitability is the driving force that will rebalance earth. A sustainable future is a realistic goal.

As a serial entrepreneur, I've focused strictly on conscious capitalism and models that direct capital to social entrepreneurs. I have both raised capital and coached sustainability-driven businesses through the process of raising capital.

I have contributed to business plans for various projects dealing with profitable reforestation, CDM and REDD+ carbon credits, perma-culture, organic farming, and plasma-gasification waste-to-energy technology in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Indonesia, Brazil, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I am keenly aware of the fact that traditional private equity investors have little interest in startups that focus on social benefit. However there is a new breed of impact investors looking for opportunities to support businesses that have the health of the planet at heart.

Today, I am fully dedicated to Clime-IT™, a crowdinvesting platform for Climate Change Solutions. I believe it is the perfect model for building the future I envision. We are building a community of people, businesses and organizations focused on low-carbon solutions using resources, including money, in a mindful, restorative, regenerative and creative way. 

I hope to see you there.


Boulder.Clime-IT.comJan 29, 2016

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