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David Moomen

David Moomen


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I am an environmental enthusiast and Project Coordinator for Sungmaale Integrated Herbalist Association (SIHA), a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in Ghana. Our project area is located in the Upper West Region of Ghana.Over the past year we have been supported by International Tree Foundation (ITF), an International NGO based in the UK to restored degraded lands in Pase and Charia communities in the Upper West Region. The goal of the project was to build the capacity of farmers to restore degraded lands and to adopt sustainable land management that will improve food security and reduce poverty thereby enhancing sustainable environment and improved livelihoods. The lands in these communities have been severely degraded because of the over reliance of the forest as the major source of income. In order to help address the situation community members supported the project to restore degraded areas in the communities. A total of 15000 trees were planted.As poverty is the driving force of land degradation a number of livelihood projects were also provided. Under the capacity building component, farmers were trained in the art of raising trees. In all 100 women, 50 men and 200 youth are benefiting from the project. This year, the project has been scaled up with emphasis on moringa and indigenous tree cultivation. The project is expects the moringa cultivation to provide nutrition and income from the consumption and sale of  moringa products. While the indigenous trees which are almost extinct due to exploitation would restore the ecologial balance of the community. Our partnership with ITF has been very beneficial to the community as community members see the environment as an important natral resource that need to be safeguarded.


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TREECONOMY - The roots of a sustainable futureJun 6, 2016


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