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Woo-kyun Lee

Woo-kyun Lee


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Prof. Woo-Kyun Lee, Div. of Environ. Sci. & Eco. Eng., Korea University

Woo-Kyun Lee finished his PhD course at the College of Forestry at Goettingen University in Germany. His research focuses mainly on forest planning, forest growth model, climate change impact assessment and adaptation. He is also an expert in GIS/RS (Geographic Information System/Remote Sensing), and spatial data analysis. He is currently a professor at the Division of Environment Science & Ecological Engineering at Korea University. He is also the Director of BK21+ Eco-Leader Education Center, Korea University. He serves as President of Korean Society of Forest Management Information, Vice President of Remote Sensing Society, Korean Society of Geospatial Information, Korean Society of Geographic Information, and Special Advisory Committee of Korean Society of Climate Change. Currently his researches are focused on Assessing Impact and Vulnerability in Environmental Sectors (especially Agriculture, Forest Ecosystem, Urban Area) in relation to Climate Change and Carbon Cycle and preparing Vulnerability Map with different spatial scale for making Adaptation and Mitigation Measures in National and Local Level. Assessing Ecosystem Services (Support, Provision, Regulation, Culture) by using GIS and Spatial Analysis and preparing Ecosystem Service Map for reasonable Decision-making in Environmental sectors.


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Woo-kyun Lee joined the Climate CoLab communityOct 19, 2016