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Joseph Masengesho

Joseph Masengesho


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I'm Joseph Masengesho a young Rwandan and environmental activist with a background in agriculture and passionate about giving back to my community with special focus on youth and the well being of the next generation.  Having worked with youth for the last 5 years in areas of entrepreneurship, I was convinced that youth development and entrepreneurship is key but that we need a generation of leaders which will act responsibly.

Looking at the severity of climate change dangers and effects to human kind and other species in the ecosystem and considering that the climate change challenges results from industrialization and economic development, I decided to stand up and engage the next generation of leaders and business person to ACT GREEN.

I started an initiative a local initiative called "ACT GREEN" that will bring together thousands of young university students from different disciplines and majors to join the "friends of environment forum" where they learn about climate action and how to prompt actions in their respective communities.


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