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Cassandra Pillay

Cassandra Pillay


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Cassandra is a consultant at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) headquarters in Vienna, Austria. She is placed at the Climate Policy division of the Department of Energy, where she works on climate change policy, coordinates and actively participates at international forums on Sustainable Energy and Climate Change as well as writes reports on assisting countries in implementing their climate polices, through an Energy perspective. More recently Cassandra is engaged in a project that explores the concepts of Industry 4.0 such as digitalization, robotization, the Internet of Things and its potential contribution to energy and climate change. Cassandra is also pursuing her PhD on the side, where her research focuses on how to engage the public and policy makers for climate action, by borrowing implications from behavioural economics.   


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Global Civic Center & Capital - the road to a sustainable planetAug 13, 2017


Cassandra Pillay is supporting proposal Global Civic Center & Capital - the road to a sustainable planetAug 13, 2017
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