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Marissa Malahayati

Marissa Malahayati

Impact Assessment Fellow

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Member SinceNov 1, 2017CoLab Points (actual)
CountryIndonesiaCoLab Points (max. potential)

Originally come from Indonesia but now become a PhD candidate in Tokyo Institute of Technology and research assistant in National Institute of Environmental Studies, Japan. Doing research related to Emission mitigation impact to Indonesian Economy with the focus in AFOLU (agriculture,forestry, and Land Use) Sectors. Researcher in the weekday and art enthusiast in the weekend.


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Marissa Malahayati voted for proposal Developing an Alternative to Shifting Cultivation in North-East India.Dec 19, 2017
Marissa Malahayati added a comment to proposal A new paradigm for plant health assessment and methane gas mitigationNov 18, 2017
Marissa Malahayati joined the Climate CoLab communityNov 1, 2017