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Sönke  Kreft

Sönke Kreft


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Mr. Soenke Kreft leads MCII’s work on both feeding back insurance-related expertise into international policy making processes, as well as continuing the implementation of innovative ideas on how to make climate risk insurance work for poor and vulnerable people at risk from climate change. He is a forerunner in international climate policy, having led the Climate Policy Team at the German NGO Germanwatch for 3 years, which allowed him to provide major inputs to the Paris Agreement (UNFCCC) and also contribute to other initiatives, such as the G7 InsuResilience. Prior to his role as Executive Director, Soenke was familiar with MCII for many years; he participated in the initiation of the first phase of MCII’s project “Climate Risk Adaptation and Insurance in the Caribbean” in 2011 and was responsible for a large capacity development and agenda setting programme with the Least Developed Countries group on climate-induced Loss and Damage which in turn provided the rational to launch the UNFCCC loss and damage thematic work and subsequent initiatives such as G7 InsuResilience.


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