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Dr. James T. Mccollum

Dr. James T. Mccollum


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I was born in Urbana, Illinois to Dr. John Paschal and Vashti Cromwell McCollum on 24 December 1934.  My life was pretty much uneventful as a typical white middle class child in a college educated family, in Champaign, Illinois. My father was a professor at the University of Illinois and my mother a housewife and world traveler in her later years.

In 4th grade I became involved in a Church-State battle involving sectarian religious classes in the Champaign public schools, culminating in a 8 to 1 landmark decision by the US Supreme Court.

I graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor degree in Geology in June, 1956 and a J.D from the U of I Law School in August 1962.

I was admitted to the New York bar in April 1963 and practiced in Rochester, NY for 34 years thereafter.

In 1995 I retired to the old MCCollum home place in Emerson, Ark.  I worked for another 11 years at Southern Arkansas University in the IT Dept., before retiring again.  During that time, I founded the Arkansas Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church & State.  Subsequently, I acquired an AAS degree in Agriculture at SAU and lack only one course for a BA in History, expected in May 2018 from SAU.

My wife and I have been active with both the county and State Democratic Committees for some 20 years


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Revenue Neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend: Bending the Emissions CurveDec 17, 2017


Dr. James T. Mccollum is supporting proposal Revenue Neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend: Bending the Emissions CurveDec 17, 2017
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