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Caroline Cyr

Caroline Cyr


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Caroline Cyr holds a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design (Université de
Montréal) and is candidate to the Masters Degree in Urban Planning (UdeM).
Her work in research-action within the Prospective-City Lab is articulated around
the evaluation of diagnostic tools, and the development of prospective co-
designing methods aiming towards the creation of innovative initiatives in Urban
Circular Economy. She has also participated in the first mapping of circular
economy initiatives in the City of Montréal, with the EDDEC Institute and the
Prospective City Lab.

Miss Cyr has joined her aptitudes in design with her social and environmental
sensitivity since the beginning of her professional work. She has thus
contributed to the influence of many organisations, projects, and events such as
the citizen appropriation of information and communication technologies,
responsible consumption, urban planning, active transportation, and sustainable
development. She has more than 10 years of experience in design, project
management, communication, training, and academic and community event
planing. She has hosted workshops linking environment and design in both Brazil
and Senegal. More recently, she has confounded LesArchivistes design, a
business dedicated to the creation of products that bear meaning and a sense of
history. Its creations have been selected to represent the City of Montréal in their
CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL Catalogue (Montréal, UNESCO City of Design,
2013-2017), and various exhibits including « ICH WAR DORT Montréal Meets
Graz » (Austria, 2015), « Québec Design » (Interior Design Show, Toronto,
2014), and « Mo-To » (Domison Gallery, Montréal, 2012).


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Caroline Cyr joined the Climate CoLab communityMar 22, 2018