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Gabriel Coelho

Gabriel Coelho


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Right at the beginning of the civil engineering course at the University of Fortaleza, I was selected for the scientific initiation fellowship of the institution, which remained for two years. After completing the scholarship, I held a one-year internship at the Green Building for Cities (GBFOR) company in the area of ??sustainable construction. Then I participated in the program "Sciences without Borders", with the partnership between CAPES / CNPq and the Federal Government. I lived and studied at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, for a year. I chose disciplines that had to do with my academic profile, such as renewable energy management. When I returned to Brazil I was invited back to GBFOR, where I spent another year. When the contract expired with the company, I was invited to work at BSPAR Incorporações on the BS Design project, as they were in need of technical support with certification in progress (LEED CS v3). I stayed in the project until the graduation day, and since then I have been undertaking in real estate and sustainable construction. In the last 6 years I have participated in several volunteer programs, university sports teams, and courses offered by different institutions. I am constantly updating on sustainable cities and buildings, and project management, where I currently work. At present I am a consultant of the LEED OM + EB v4 certification of a thermoelectric plant in the Port of Pecém.


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Reduce Vehicle Emissions with Predictive MaintenanceJan 31, 2019


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