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Chipampa Chola

Chipampa Chola


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I am a young male Zambian 27 and working with the Ministry of Energy in the Renewable Energy section. I am a member of the Zambia Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) Focal Point and have been actively involved in the development of the Action Agenda and Investment Prospectus (IP) which has identified high impact projects that will advance the objects of access to energy for all Zambians. 

I have also been instrumental in the development of other complementary energy sector programmes and initiatives such as the Scaling –up Renewable Energy Program which has produced an Investment Plan (IP) for Zambia under the World Bank Climate Investment Funds (CIFs) where he served as the Alternate Focal Point for the Ministry of Energy. 

In addition, I have participated in the development of the 2018 SADC renewable energy and Energy Efficiency Report under the Southern Africa Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (SACREEE), a regional institution created to increase access to modern energy services and improved energy security across the Region through the promotion of market-based uptake of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies and energy services.

Further, I am the National Project Coordinator for the Bioenergy and Food Security Assessment and Capacity Building Project being implemented with support from the Food and Agriculture Organisation with the objective of developing a bioenergy strategy that will integrate food security and agricultural needs.


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Restoring Ecoengineering Infrastructure to Promote AdMit and DRR in BangladeshAug 23, 2019


Chipampa Chola is supporting proposal Restoring Ecoengineering Infrastructure to Promote AdMit and DRR in BangladeshAug 23, 2019
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