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Wadï Mami

Wadï Mami


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A computer science Engineer ENSI NSCS National School of Computer Sciences 2000 now I work for Steg the Tunisia company of Electricity and gaz.

The main reason for #climatechange is massive use of Pcs and laptops around the world 1 Belgium pc user 8 hour per day is responsible of 1.75 % of CO2 Annual Belgium emission what about 10 users 100 1000 1 million Belgium EU USA China India all the world technology like Blockchain must be discarded or we must feed pcs and laptops with clean electricity energy a green one a solar energy for all the world Tunisia desert Algeria Morocco Libya Egypt Sudan Mali Niger Nigeria Mauritania Senegal Saudi Arabia South Africa Qatar Bahrein UAE Yemen Jordanie sultanat Oman China India Pakistan Iraq wherever desert and sun shine and the promise Land please read



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Wadï Mami started a new discussion The main reason for #climatechange in Regional and global plansDec 24, 2019
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