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Alex Slocum

Alex Slocum


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Professor Alexander H. Slocum earned the S.B. (1982), S.M. (1983), and Ph.D. (1985) from MIT in Cambridge Massachusetts in Mechanical Engineering. Prof. Slocum teaches and conducts research in the area of precision machine design.

Professor Slocum’s research focuses on making dominantly mechanical devices achieve higher levels of performance for less cost by using deterministic design practices founded in fundamental principles of precision engineering catalyzed by appropriate analysis and experimentation. Of particular interest are machine tools and manufacturing equipment, medical devices, renewable energy machines, and tools for the petroleum industry. His design efforts have yielded over 7 dozen patents, numerous design awards and an important precision alignment standard for the semiconductor industry. In addition to working with industry to create new machines,

Prof. Slocum also works in his lab to create new fundamental machine elements and design analysis tools to enable industry to adopt and scale them for use in their own products. An example is the simple kinematic coupling which was used in precision instruments for hundreds of years. Prof. Slocum then wrote a spreadsheet that allows for the contact surfaces and materials to be designed to carry very high relative loads. The resulting papers and design tools are presented on a website his group maintains for industry to use:


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