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Taken from post-conference e-surveys and e-mails to the organizers.

"...among the most amazing experiences in my life!"
"Mind-blowing, inspiring week..."
"A very collaborative and creative atmosphere. ...One of the more memorable conferences I've been to in the past 10 years."
"Fantastic conference in every respect, congratulations to the organizers. Easily one of the best conferences I have attended."
"Thanks for putting on such a great conference! From the cross-disciplinary conversations on climate change to the catering, it was one of the best conferences I've attended."
"[What I found most uniquely valuable about the event was] the fact that MIT was putting its support behind innovative approaches to climate change in a very rational and communal way. It's a way to combine the global analysis of scientists to the hands on applications."
"Keep on keeping on. It's great! ...Please continue this conference annually!"
"It was great to attend the #MITcc conference and participate... the experience was energizing and so well organized!  Kudos to the whole team, I really appreciate your amazing efforts to expand the climate and sustainable development dialogue along without duplicating past efforts."

Melinda Rooke, Jolem Properties Inc.

"Please do it again! I loved it... it was so great and can be even greater [in coming years]. Thanks for organizing this event!"
"Thanks for a very well run and well thought out program!"
Phil Jutras
Regarding Attendees & Speakers
"What a fantastic group of people! Amazing conference."
"Cheers to @ClimateCoLab 2013 for convening a great crowd..."
"It was a great mix of scientists, technologists and activists."
"One of the strongest features of the Kresge sessions was the range and depth of expertise represented on the panels. The panels, taken all together, provided a multifaceted view of climate movements, modelling, innovation, finance, and best practices. Inspiring."
"First and foremost, allow me to both thank and commend you for putting together such an impressive and inspiring council of panel speakers for this conference. This was my first experience with CoLab, and I assure you that I will be a repeat 'customer'."
"The three day Climate CoLab Conference was very successful in bringing together a broad spectrum of sustainability minded individuals and young "future leaders". I even learned something about "clouds and crowds", which is saying something for an old Neanderthaler such as myself."
"Attendees were an impressive lot!"
"I was exhilarated by the various avenues for thinking and action that were opened up by the presenters and in discussion. I was particularly struck by the idea that our new electronic "global brain" permits not only the collection of thinking from multitudinous sources but stimulates individual participants to experience themselves as part of a collectivity -- a system. This was noted explicitly and prescriptively by Otto Scharmer. ...Thomas Malone said it most eloquently at the very end--that we must be doing this work for future generations including our grandchildren.  ...if I think of myself as a citizen of the world, I'm going to get involved in a bigger "crowd". ...Thanks again."
Suzanne Pearce, World Federalist Institute of
Regarding the Unconference
"Unconference was fantastic; the absolute highlight of my attending this conference! I would suggest setting aside a whole day for this next time, and getting the panelists and everybody involved! We had life altering conversations and it was literally inspiring and renewing and energizing and great networking."

"The unconference was the only portion I was able to attend and found it to be fantastic."

"Unconference was without doubts the most interesting and valuable for me part of the event. I never participated in such kind of collective thinking and was very impressed with its organization and results."